Augment your team with AI data extraction that works like you do

Turn even the hardest documents into data

SortSpoke is a cloud-based AI data extraction tool that reduces manual and repetitive tasks like finding data and re-keying information so your team can focus on higher-value work.



Getting started with SortSpoke

SortSpoke combines the best of AI with human oversight to provide the quickest time-to-value.

By combining AI with your experts, SortSpoke augments them in ways that are explainable, easy to use, and easy to implement. Augmenting your team rather than automating minimizes risk and ensures 100% data quality.


  Untitled design (10)  Up and running in weeks

  Untitled design (10)  Integrate with existing systems

  Untitled design (10)  Train in hours

  Untitled design (10)  Easy to learn, use and maintain

Untitled design (11)  No technical skills needed

Untitled design (11)  No complex set up

Untitled design (11)  No annoying templates

Untitled design (11)  No pre-training required


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Just start uploading yours documents.
No pre-training or complex setup is required.



Your teams QA data suggested by SortSpoke, and SortSpoke gets better with each document.



You get back high quality, human reviewed data in a fraction of the time and effort using SortSpoke.

Your experts are your greatest asset

In commercial P&C insurance, expertise and subjectivity is needed to make the right decisions and reduce risk. That’s why we believe that human-in-the-loop (HITL) is the right approach, as they play an important role in inspecting, validating, and training AI platforms to improve outcomes. 

SortSpoke puts easy and powerful AI in the hands of business users and gives your experts control over how they work.


Better data extraction = better triage

We’ve designed Sortspoke to let your team leverage AI for faster data extraction without sacrificing data quality. Sortspoke is a best-in-class data extraction solution first, which in turn enables smarter and better quality triage so that you can get to your best submissions faster.  

Adding smart triage rules based on quality data improves turnaround times and allows your team to focus on on-appetite risk submissions, resulting in higher premium growth. 

Full explainability

AI models will not get everything right 100% of the time. Your team needs transparency in tools they use to make judgment calls and the right decisions. Tools like LLM, ChatGPT, and outsourced workbenches cannot offer the transparency required.

Sortspoke offers auditability and to ensure AI model compliance.


Get up and running in weeks

To best help our customers, we’ve made it our mission to handle any type of document, even the hardest - without sacrificing simplicity for your team. We’ve put extra care and attention into making our solution easy to learn, set up, use and maintain, even when products, team members or anything else changes. 

This makes SortSpoke the right choice for the present, providing rapid time-to-value, and the future, with a lower total cost of ownership over the years.

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The SortSpoke Advantage

We make extracting data from structured and even the toughest unstructured documents easy.

Increase underwriting capacity
Reduce document review time 90%
Review on-appetite risk first
Increase GWP 50% with TriageAI
Review on-appetite risk first
Faster turnaround
Increase quote-to-bind ratio
Get 100% data quality
Underwriters have full control over AI’s data quality
Full explainability

It's as easy as...

1. Try it out

​Don't take our word for it. Try SortSpoke on your documents and experience the results for yourself. 

2. Launch it quickly

​You can have SortSpoke up-and-running in less time than it takes to say improve manual processes. 

3. Watch your team achieve more

Your team will thank you for augmenting them with flexible AI that works the way you do.


Does your team love processing documents?

They are about to.

Contact us today to find out how and get started.