What is SortSpoke?

Turning Unstructured Documents into Actionable Data

SortSpoke is a data extraction tool that insurers, auto lenders, and mortgage originators use to turn unstructured documents into actionable data.  

SortSpoke’s cloud-based Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform uses advanced AI/ML models + your subject matter experts to turn complex PDF documents into high-quality data.

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Document Types

Some of the types of documents we process for our 25+ financial service customers include:

  • Medical Records & Doctor Notes
  • Invoices
  • Equipment & Property Appraisals
  • Insurance Submissions
  • Reinsurance Treaties
  • Financial Statements
  • Supplemental Applications
  • And much more!

Our Story

Before founding SortSpoke, Jasper Li was a technology consultant at PwC.  One common challenge he saw in insurance, oil  & gas, healthcare, and other industries was extracting data from unstructured documents.  

At the time, the only way these organizations knew how to solve this issue was to hire more people and have them manually extract data and rekey it into various systems.  

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Jasper’s “Aha” Moment 

Jasper’s background in machine learning led him to believe there was a way to leverage this technology to help enterprises solve these data extraction challenges.  

One day, Jasper had an epiphany, and he created a data extraction tool during the weekend.  After testing the tool, Jasper realized he was onto something.  

This led Jasper to take a 6-month leave of absence from PwC to create the first version of SortSpoke in 2016.  Since that day, Jasper hasn’t looked back.

Today SortSpoke has over 25 financial service customers, raised its Series A funding, and formed strategic partnerships with leading organizations.   

How SortSpoke is Different From Other IDP Solutions

SortSpoke’s AI/ML models are continuously learning.  Our models get smarter with every document you process and every data field you extract. You can train SortSpoke for your specific use case in as little as one day.  Just upload your documents into our platform and select the fields you want to extract.  

After processing 20 - 30 documents SortSpoke’s AI/ML models will start making recommendations based on your feedback.  From there, our models will continue to learn and improve their recommendations.  

The best part about SortSpoke’s AI/ML models is that they can extract data from any document in any language.  Some of the other benefits of SortSpoke include:

  • Explainable and Auditable AI/ML Results
  • No Templates or IT Resources Required
  • Structured Output Returned via JSON file
  • Data Encrypted in Transit and at Rest
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The SortSpoke Advantage

We make extracting data from structured and even the toughest unstructured documents easy.

Boost productivity
Boost Productivity

Increase document processing speed by 4-10 times.

Improve data quality
Improve Data Quality

 Give your team the best way to consistently get the right data from your documents.

Reduce turnaround times
Reduce Turnaround Times

Equip your team to respond faster and do more for your customers.

Our Mission

SortSpoke’s mission is to make extracting data from 80% of your really hard documents easy for everyone.  

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Our Vision

SortSpoke wants to make your employees happier and more productive by using AI to augment your workers so they can focus on higher-value and more fulfilling activities.

See How SortSpoke Solves Your Data Extraction Challenges