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Create or revoke a Webhook
How-to Guide

Need help with creating or removing a Webhook? 
Last updated: May 23, 2023


Step 1 - Login
Use your email address and password to login to SortSpoke.


Step 2 - Go to Admin page
Navigate to the Admin page, which can be found in the top right-hand menu. If you do not see the Admin page option, please contact us.


Step 3 - Go to Webhooks page
Navigate to the Webhooks page by clicking the Webhooks option on the Admin page.


Step 4 - Add a New Webhook
Click on Add New Webhook to create a new webhook for the account.


Step 5 - Add Webhook Settings Details
Fill out the Description and Webhook URI and click the Submit button. Ensure the Active switch is set to On, as pictured below, or the events will not be sent to the destination. 


Step 6 - Copy your Webhook Secret Key
You will see the Webhook Secret Key displayed on screen. Please copy this down for your records. Click here to learn more about Webhook payload validation.


Step 7 - Recent Events History
As the events are sent to your webhook you will see a history of the most recent events listed here.

Webhook history

Step 8 - Review the Event Payload
The delivered webhook Payload will be similar to the one shown below.


Other Actions - Remove a Webhook
Click the Remove action next to any webhook to remove it.  Note, this action is permanent and cannot be undone.


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