SortSpoke API Reference Guide

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Last updated: May 23, 2023


SortSpoke API Resources

SortSpoke API Reference Guide

SortSpoke API Reference Guide

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SortSpoke Postman Collection

SortSpoke Postman Collection

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SortSpoke SDK

SortSpoke Development Kit (SDK)

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SortSpoke API

The SortSpoke API is a RESTful API that allows you to access features of SortSpoke using standard methods.  

The core functionality of the SortSpoke API is to upload PDF documents and download JSON output files. This document describes some of the common use cases and provides you the resources for integrating SortSpoke into your app.

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What is Postman?

Postman is a powerful HTTP client for testing web services. Postman makes it easy to test, develop and document APIs by allowing users to quickly put together both simple and complex HTTP requests.

Postman can be downloaded here.

Download the SortSpoke PostMan Collection

What is the SortSpoke SDK?

The SortSpoke SDK is a programming tool that enables developers to seamlessly integrate SortSpoke's powerful document text extraction capabilities into their applications.

By utilizing the SortSpoke SDK, developers can efficiently get started with the integration work to simplify the process of data extraction.

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Looking for information on Webhooks?

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More Support Resources

We're here to help you extract any data from any kind of PDF document. 



Quick Start User Guide​

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Create an API Token

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SortSpoke Support

Need more? How-to guides, reference materials, and FAQ's. Click here for details.

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