Turn even the hardest documents into data

Augment your team with flexible AI that works like you do.

SortSpoke is a cloud-based data extraction tool that reduces manual and repetitive tasks like data extraction and the re-keying of information so your team can focus on higher-value work.

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The SortSpoke Advantage

We make extracting data from structured and even the toughest unstructured documents easy.

Boost productivity
Boost Productivity

Increase document processing speed by 4-10 times.

Improve data quality
Improve Data Quality

 Give your team the best way to consistently get the right data from your documents.

Reduce turnaround times
Reduce Turnaround Times

Equip your team to respond faster and do more for your customers.

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Take away the frustration

Data entry is no fun.

Stop being held back by manual processes. Your team can achieve so much more.

Your experts are your greatest asset

SortSpoke puts easy and powerful AI in the hands of business users and gives your experts control over how they work.

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Who Uses SortSpoke Today

Augment your team with flexible AI that works on any document in any industry.


Serve customers better from new business applications to claims processing.



Respond faster to credit applications, adjudicate risks, and improve operations.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Enhance document review processes for contracts, statements, and appraisals.

Ready to learn more?

SortSpoke Intro Webinar

Thursday, 2:00 PM ET

Join Craig Mauchan, VP of Insurance Solutions and Brandon Robinson, Director of Customer Success, at SortSpoke who will outline everything you need to know to turn your documents into data.

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How it Works

Are you ready to start benefiting from turning both unstructured and structured documents into data? Here's how SortSpoke works.
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Just start uploading yours documents.
No pre-training or complex setup is required.

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Your teams QA data suggested by SortSpoke, and SortSpoke gets better with each document.

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You get back high quality, human reviewed data in a fraction of the time and effort using SortSpoke.

It's as easy as...

1. Try it out

​Don't take our word for it. Try SortSpoke on your documents and experience the results for yourself. 

2. Launch it quickly

​You can have SortSpoke up-and-running in less time than it takes to say improve manual processes. 

3. Watch your team achieve more

Your team will thank you for augmenting them with flexible AI that works the way you do.

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Does your team love processing documents?

They are about to.

Contact us today to find out how and get started.