One tool for any insurance document. Loss Runs, SOVs, Applications, and more

Arm your team with the best AI solution for faster document processing of complex risks and triage submissions by risk appetite - with easy-to-use AI.

Eliminate your underwriting bottleneck and win more new business.


Underwriting has a bottleneck

Underwriters spend 1/3 of their day on manual data entry, leading to lost opportunities.

30% of submissions unreviewed
30% of reviews are not quoted
Lower quote-to-bind = lost revenue
Your team has the expertise to review complex submissions

... but not all submissions are winnable, and the team has limited capacity to review every submission that comes in

Business process outsourcing can help boost capacity quickly

... but outsourcing to third parties means you’re giving up control over data quality and turnaround times.

insurance data automation
Automation can eliminate some manual tasks

... but it cannot handle hard or unstructured documents, and removing your experts from the process increases risk.

SortSpoke has a solution

SortSpoke's Intelligent Document Processing Solutions help boost underwriting capacity quickly by combining the best of AI with human expertise.

underwriters AI
Underwriters + AI

Commercial P&C submissions are complex. Augmenting your team (rather than automating) minimizes risk, ensures 100% data quality and provides quicker results for your business -even for specialty products with unstructured supplemental documents.

Better data extraction enables better triage

SortSpoke is a best-in-class data extraction solution, which enables smarter and better quality triage so that your team can focus on on-appetite risk submissions, resulting in higher premium growth.

Get up and running in weeks (not months)

SortSpoke is one of the quickest AI solutions to implement. Built with business users in mind, it’s easy to learn, set up, use and maintain –even when documents, team members or anything else changes.

Typical Results for SortSpoke Customers


Boost to team capacity
without adding staff


Process incoming documents faster
than doing them manually


Data quality by keeping your
experts in the loop

Increase in GWP/underwriter



SortSpoke AI is different

  • Extract data from even the hardest documents
  • Prioritize on-risk appetite submissions with TriageAI
  • Ensure 100% data quality with human oversight
  • Up and running in weeks, not months
  • Ensure AI compliance with full explainability

What Our Customers Say

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SortSpoke brought the right combination of people, processes and technology. They were easy to work with and our productivity increased considerably with the SortSpoke system.

Brian Wilkinson
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The addition of SortSpoke into the mix was key. With hundreds of clients, each with their variations and formats of documents for us to intake, using traditional OCR techniques to get at the data would have taken us years to do. With SortSpoke, we could speed up the development process and take on a broader range of formats that we could automate.

Mike Ackroyd
CIO, SCM Insurance Services

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