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Commercial P&C Insurance Underwriting Software

SortSpoke offers easy-to-use and powerful AI software designed to empower your experts and enhance their productivity. Say goodbye to manual document review processes that slow you down.

50% Boost to underwriting capacity

Boost efficiency and capacity

SortSpoke boosts your team's capacity by up to 50%, all without the need to add additional staff. With our data extraction and TriageAI software, you can process incoming documents five times faster compared to manual methods.

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> TriageAI identifies on-risk appetite submissions automatically

Highest data quality

By involving your experts throughout the process, SortSpoke helps you maintain high data quality. Keep your underwriters and adjusters in the loop, allowing them to make accurate and informed underwriting decisions.

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Data entry is no fun.

Recent studies by Accenture have demonstrated that underwriting and claims professionals spend approximately 40% - 60% of their time on non-core activities. It's time to remedy this.

SortSpoke can free up your underwriters and adjusters from the tedious task of manual data entry. Our software extracts data from various types of documents like supplemental applications, invoices, and medical records.

This frees up their time so they can focus on writing new business and processing claims more efficiently.

How it Works

Are you ready to revolutionize your data extraction and streamline your processes? We provide underwriting tools to help your team handle both unstructured and structured data and get through submissions in minutes.

Here's how SortSpoke works.



Choose any type of document. Process anything from contracts to invoices, and everything in between.



Load your documents and begin extracting any data from your documents.



Watch as SortSpoke rapidly learns and  processes your documents, enhancing your productivity like never before.

What Our Customers Say

Don't just take our word for it, find out how we are delighting our customers and building long lasting partnerships.

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SortSpoke brought the right combination of people, processes and technology. They were easy to work with and our productivity increased considerably with the SortSpoke system.

Brian Wilkinson
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The addition of SortSpoke into the mix was key. With hundreds of clients, each with their variations and formats of documents for us to intake, using traditional OCR techniques to get at the data would have taken us years to do. With SortSpoke, we could speed up the development process and take on a broader range of formats that we could automate.

Mike Ackroyd
CIO, SCM Insurance Services

Does your team love processing documents?

They are about to.

Learn how to speed up your underwriting and claims processes through SortSpoke's AI-powered data extraction and TriageAI.

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