Data security at SortSpoke

How does SortSpoke protect your data?

At SortSpoke, safeguarding our customer's data is the foundation of everything we do. We are focused on maintaining the highest industry standards to protect your data.

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Our commitment to you

We value your data security as our top priority.

We help enterprises extract any data from any kind of PDF document. With that, in an increasingly complex world, we know that security has never been more critical.

At the core of our organization is a belief that your data is just that, yours.  Yours and yours alone. We believe you should have control over where it is stored, how it is handled, and how it is managed over time.

At SortSpoke, we value your data security as our top priority.

SortSpoke is built for Enterprise

Encrypted-in-transit & At-Rest

All customer data is protected by TLS 1.2+ in-transit and by AES 256 encryption at-rest.

Automation Failover & Scaling

SortSpoke provides high-availability, backups, and auto-scaling out-of-the-box.

Data Residency

We can host your data in your desired region to ensure it remains within a specific country.

SortSpoke security certifications


SOC 2 Type 2

Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2


HIPAA Compliant



AWS - A world leader in security

Built for Scale

All SortSpoke instances automatically adjust capacity to maintain the best mix of predictability and optimization for your team.

Security Focused

AWS facilities, networks, and server infrastructures are built and managed by world-class security experts.


AWS supports multiple security standards to help satisfy the compliance requirements for many global regulatory agencies.

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