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What Does SortSpoke Do?

SortSpoke reduces the labour cost of extracting data from documents by 80-90%. It works especially well on unstructured documents without any templates or programming, and with lower error rates than humans. Anywhere you have staff reading a document to find specific data, SortSpoke can help do it more efficiently.

Incoming documents are classified and data is extracted from these documents according to your unique requirements. SortSpoke is fully customizable and there is no limit on varieties of documents or number/type of fields extracted. Finally, the extracted data is exported to your database, workflow, document management system or spreadsheet.

What are some examples of structured/semi structured/unstructured documents?
  • Structured documents: certificates, identification, and forms.
  • Semi structured documents: invoices, appraisals, and financial statements.
  • Unstructured documents: contracts, correspondence, emails.
Can you give me some examples of where SortSpoke is used?

SortSpoke can be used to automate any data entry process. SortSpoke is being used in many industries, including law offices, professional services firms (audit accounting, tax and consulting) and is being  actively evaluated by banks, insurance companies/ brokers.
Specifically, SortSpoke can be used for:

  • Contract management where key dates, and provisions must be identified, tracked and managed
  • Tracking and managing high volumes of correspondence such as with government agencies
  • Customer on boarding where accuracy and input speed of data is critical to customer satisfaction
What type of data can SortSpoke extract?

SortSpoke can extract any machine printed numbers, letters, words or combinations, including tables, that contain numbers and words.

How is SortSpoke different from other competitors that use optical character recognition (OCR) or other machine learning technology?

SortSpoke can be set up faster and at less expense because it does not require fixed layout forms, rules, or pre-programmed templates. SortSpoke can extract any data you want from your documents, not just fields that other vendors have pre-trained into their software.

How does SortSpoke safeguard my information?

Customer data is protected with 256 bit encryption in ISO 27001 certified secure data centers. Learn more about SortSpoke protects your data here.

Where is the data hosted?

SortSpoke is hosted on Amazon Web Services and we have data centres in Canada and the United States today. We have the option to host in other regions (EMEA, APAC), please contact us for more details.

Can SortSpoke be hosted on our premises?

Please contact us to discuss.

Is there a need to install any hardware or software?

No, SortSpoke is a cloud based service.

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