Grow your BPO business

Intake, Triage & Data Extraction Software for BPOs

SortSpoke provides Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organizations and Third Party Administrators (TPA) with new capabilities that increase profits:  

  • Sell new higher-value services
  • Retain clients by offering Innovation as a Service
  • Gain operational efficiency and boost margins
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Sell new higher-value services

  • TriageAI identifies profitable new business submissions faster
  • Create more value by capturing high-quality data throughout the policy lifecycle

  • Accelerate intake and data extraction from unstructured documents like: 

    • Reinsurance Treaties
    • Financial Statements
    • Supplemental Applications
    • Appraisals
    • Loss Runs
    • SOVs and much more 
  • Launch new products or expand into new markets  2 - 4 quarters faster

Retain clients by offering Innovation as a Service

We're powering BPOs of the future with the ability to provide more value-added services and innovation as a service with a people-centric AI platform, built specifically for the insurance industry. 

SortSpoke works with over 20 insurers and service providers who use our advanced AI to respond to marketplace trends faster, as well as deliver better outcomes in underwriting and claims. 


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Gain Operational Efficiency

While BPOs and TPAs want to add more services so they can increase profitability, they are held back by many of the same issues as their insurance partners, including: 

  • Tighter profit margins 
  • Rising labor costs
  • Legacy technologies and manual workflows
  • Loss of institutional knowledge

Advances in AI though are making it possible for BPOs and TPAs to process more documentation (without adding headcount), reduce operational costs, and add new services by using a combination of AI + Humans in the Loop to automate data extraction.  

Typical Results

SortSpoke can improve workflows throughout the policy lifecycle to help BPOs deliver more value to customers and capacity partners.

Help clients write 50% more submissions (3)
reduce time spent on data entry
50% Boost to team capacity without adding staff (5)

How it Works

SortSpoke can be plugged into your workflow wherever data is being manually extracted from documents.  All you need to do is upload your documents into our platform, and our AI will automatically identify and extract the data you need to pull, all verifiable by your experts. 

Here's how SortSpoke works.


The best part about SortSpoke is that it requires:

  • No IT Resources
  • No templates
  • No pre-training
  • No technical skills
Which means you're up and running in weeks (not months!)