Complex Risks Require High-Quality Data

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Managing General Agents use SortSpoke to make better, faster decisions, accurately assess complex risk, and increase intake capacity, revenue, and profits- all without sacrificing data quality thanks to our unique approach which combines Humans + AI.

MGA underwriting

Better Risk Management

MGAs are known for their ability to underwrite large, complex, and specialized risks. 

Due to the nature of these complicated risks, lots of data needs to be extracted from unstructured PDFs to take action, such as:   

  • Triaging and responding to broker submissions
  • Assessing risks to see if they meet underwriting guidelines
  • Accurately pricing risks to increase underwriting profitability

Most MGAs’ intake processes are manual, resulting in delays, inaccuracies, and sub-par decision-making, which impacts profitability. 

SortSpoke’s AI-powered IDP solves these problems by automating intake workflows for even the most complex submissions and unstructured document types, making your intake process more efficient and accurate.

Adding Value for Policyholders and Capacity Partners

Today’s MGAs must leverage their underwriting expertise, market adaptability, and responsiveness to remain competitive.  

If MGAs can’t reply to policyholder, agent, and broker inquiries in a timely manner, they will find themselves losing market share to their competitors.

SortSpoke augments your experts with the best AI-powered platform to accelerate data extraction from complex documents.

Faster data extraction

How SortSpoke Can Benefit MGAs 

Dozens of insurers rely on SortSpoke to accelerate their underwriting and claims workflows. Some of the benefits our customers have seen include: 

  • Automating submission triage to win more new business
  • Accelerating the rollout of new products by using AI that learns on the fly
  • Onboarding new employees faster by using AI to read and interpret complex documents
  • Delivering more consistent underwriting performance by leveraging better data

Typical Results

SortSpoke can improve workflows throughout the policy lifecycle to help MGAs deliver more value to customers and capacity partners by:

  • Boosting underwriting capacity by up to 50%
  • Processing underwriting and claims documentation 5x faster 
  • Generating high-quality data with 100% accuracy
50% Boost to team capacity without adding staff (6)
50% Boost to team capacity without adding staff (4)
50% Boost to team capacity without adding staff (5)

How it Works

SortSpoke can be plugged into your workflow wherever data is being manually extracted from documents.  All you need to do is upload your documents into our platform, and our AI will automatically identify and extract the data you need to pull, all verifiable by your experts. 

Here's how SortSpoke works.


The best part about SortSpoke is that it requires:

  • No IT Resources
  • No templates
  • No pre-training
  • No technical skills
Which means you're up and running in weeks (not months!)