The SortSpoke Team

Meet our Founder. 

Jasper Li, CEO
Jasper Li founded SortSpoke to help businesses turn complex, unstructured documents into data.  Jasper found that virtually every business spends a huge amount of human capital each year painstakingly extracting data from documents.   SortSpoke helps teams boost productivity, reduce risk, and improve turnaround times.

Many of today’s business processes were developed around paper and the manual keying of data into systems. This approach worked, but has become antiquated because the ability to implement digital solutions has fundamentally changed how we work. The process of unlocking data from unstructured documents remains a challenge for many businesses. Now, artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping us deliver even more work, faster and better than ever before.  

Using SortSpoke to help turn documents into data has become a real competitive advantage for our customers. There is no more important goal than that for us. We are here to help you and your people succeed.

Why SortSpoke


We’re pragmatic, agile and driven. Our perspective and ideas are leading-edge yet our approach is straightforward. We focus on what matters to our customers and their business opportunities.

We keep it simple.


We're passionate about what we do. We work hard to serve our customers. We’re highly motivated because when our customers succeed, we succeed. We take a team approach to our business focused on helping our customers.
We are real about what we do.


We do what we say we're going to do. We listen because we care about our customer’s business and want to help. As a trusted partner, we take ownership of our relationships based on integrity and doing what’s right.
We are in this together.

Meet Our Team

Who are we?

Headshot Jasper B&W
Jasper Li
Headshot Craig B&W (3)-2
Craig Mauchan
Vice President
Headshot Brandon B&W
Brandon Robinson
Director of Customer Success
Shannon Arnold
Head of Marketing
Headshot Arthur B&W-1
Arthur Lee
Customer Success Manager
Shukri Ali
Account Executive
Headshot Kayla B&W (3)
Kayla Deosaran
Senior Business Development
Headshot Harj B&W-1
Harj Gill
Business Development Specialist
Headshot Haley B&W
Haley Wright
Product Marketing Manager
Headshot Joel B&W
Joel Charlebois
Product Team
Headshot Vlad B&W
Vlad Durdevic
Headshot Rachael B&W
Rachael Topp
Headshot Connor B&W-1
Connor Peebles
Headshot Roberto B&W
Roberto Ruiz de la Cruz
Headshot Matt B&W
Matt Bourque
The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.
Phil Jackson

We Are Growing, and We Want People Like You!

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Our team is made up of different roles, including:

Sales & Customer Success
Account Executive
Customer Success Manager

Software Team
Frontend Developer (React.js)
Backend Developer (C# & .Net)
Product Quality Owner

Perks of joining our team:

  • Office is located in the heart of downtown Toronto ​(King and Bathurst)

  • Competitive salary

  • Dental, vision & health benefits

  • Thursday team lunches

  • Monthly team activities

  • Snacks & beer at team retrospectives

  • Laptop and other assets

  • Espresso/Coffee machine

  • Flexible hours

SortSpoke Website Image - team
SortSpoke Website Image - team (1)
SortSpoke Website Image - team (2)
SortSpoke Website Image - team (4)
SortSpoke Website Image - team (3)
SortSpoke Website Image - team (5)

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