SCM selects SortSpoke, Burnie Group, and UiPath to automate insurance claims






​Edmonton, Canada

Project Use Case

Insurance claims, FNOL

SCM Insurance Services tames manual data entry and delivers an 80% reduction ​in the effort to setup a claim.

SCM is the largest provider of insurance claims in Canada, and that means dealing with a blizzard of forms in different formats from multiple customers. The easiest way to tame the paper avalanche is by automating manual data entry with RPA. To ensure RPA success, SCM took months to find the right partners so they could deliver results in just a few weeks.
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The addition of SortSpoke into the mix was key. With hundreds of clients, each with their variations and formats of documents for us to intake, using traditional OCR techniques to get at the data would have taken us years to do. With SortSpoke, we could speed up the development process and take on a broader range of formats that we could automate. " ​
- Mike Ackroyd, CIO, SCM Insurance Services

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Traditional OCR would have taken years to accomplish something resembling the outcomes of this project. The ability of SortSpoke to very quickly automate a broad spectrum of different documents was really cool and was something we haven't been able to do in the past. " ​
- David Burnie, Principal, Burnie Group

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We are so happy that we've empowered the SCM team to manage even the most complex documents in their claims workflow. And the best part is they can now tackle new documents and use cases internally using the tools we have all delivered in this project. "
​- Brandon Robinson, Director of Customer Success, SortSpoke

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