Treaty review process goes from 8 hours down to 35 minutes






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Project Use Case

Reinsurance Treaties

SortSpoke helps TAI save time and increase data accuracy

TAI specializes in life reinsurance administration systems and administration services. They regularly review reinsurance treaties to configure them for the TAI administration system and compare the data to how it has been setup in the system historically.  These treaties are complex legal agreements between primary insurers and their reinsurers. 

​Typically, hundreds of pages long, it takes highly trained human experts many hours to review and extract pertinent information from each treaty. TAI partnered with SortSpoke to reduce the amount of time experts spent finding key information in treaties, so that they could focus on the high value work of analyzing the content of the treaties.

SortSpoke brought the right combination of people, processes and technology. They were easy to work with and our productivity increased considerably with the SortSpoke system."
- Brian Wilkinson, COO, TAI

TAI and SortSpoke worked together to integrate SortSpoke into their business processes and systems.  The results were immediate and dramatic. Before using SortSpoke, a single treaty could take 8 hours to review, now it’s done in 35 minutes.
Today, TAI staff spend less time keying data into systems and more time on higher value contract review activities.  In turn, TAI can focus its efforts on helping clients improve treaty data accuracy in their system.

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