Meet our Founder. 

Jasper Li, CEO
Jasper Li founded SortSpoke to help businesses turn complex, unstructured documents into data.  Jasper found that virtually every business spends a huge amount of human capital each year painstakingly extracting data from documents.   SortSpoke helps teams boost productivity, reduce risk, and improve turnaround times.

Many of today’s business processes were developed around paper and the manual keying of data into systems. This approach worked, but has become antiquated because the ability to implement digital solutions has fundamentally changed how we work. The process of unlocking data from unstructured documents remains a challenge for many businesses. Now, intelligent document processing tools (IDP), powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, are helping us deliver even more work, faster and better than ever before.  

Using SortSpoke to help turn documents into data has become a real competitive advantage for our customers. There is no more important goal than that for us. We are here to help you and your people succeed.

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