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Last updated: July 29, 2022


DYK, there are a number of hotkeys available in the Extract tab?

By using a combination of the mouse and the keyboard you can start to save even more time (and clicks!) while using SortSpoke.

BTW, you can also find these in our SortSpoke Quick Start Guide.

Key Function
Esc Remove, Undo or Reject a field value
Enter Accept a field
Tab ​Go to the next consecutive field
Shift + Tab ​Go to the previous field
Backtick ( ` ) Switch between Paragraph text selection and Box text selection
Alt ​Hold Alt to temporarily switch selection modes
Ctrl + / ​Toggle multi-selection mode on/off
Ctrl + Plus ( + ) ​Zoom in on active document
Ctrl + Minus ( - ) ​Zoom out on active document
Ctrl + Shift ​Temporarily hide field overlays
Ctrl + Click + Accept All Cells Accept all cells on the current table instance
Ctrl + < or Ctrl + > Navigate between records and table instances
Ctrl + F ​Quickly access the Search Document function
Ctrl + Q ​Add a new record or table


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