Getting Started with SortSpoke
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What to expect when using SortSpoke for the first time. 
Last updated: October 27, 2021


SortSpoke is a machine learning solution that can rapidly learn to extract any data from any type of document, including unstructured documents with unlimited variations.  It does this while maintaining 100% data quality and is up and running in just days.

​Here'a an overview of what to expect when using SortSpoke for the first time. Getting started with SortSpoke is quick and easy. No complex setup or tricky IT work required.  Just upload your documents, create your fields, and you are up and running quickly!

The SortSpoke Workflow


1. Upload

Just start uploading yours documents.
​No pre-training or complex setup is required.


2. Review

Your teams QA data suggested by SortSpoke, and SortSpoke gets better with each document.


3. Extract

You get back high quality, human reviewed data in a fraction of the time and effort using SortSpoke.

It's as Easy as...

Choose any type of PDF document

Process anything from contracts to invoices, and everything in between.

Choose any type of data

Single values, checkboxes, sentences, paragraphs, and tables.

Get started quickly

So easy to deploy that before you know it, you're more productive than ever.

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Unstructured Documents

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Semi & Structured Documents

Getting Started Resources

We're here to help you extract any data from any kind of document. 



Quick Start User Guide​

Looking for the latest SortSpoke Quick Start User Guide?  Click here for details.


API Reference Guide

Looking for the latest SortSpoke API Reference Guide?  Click here for details.

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SortSpoke Support

Need more? How-to guides, reference materials, and FAQ's. Click here for details.

If you need additional help, please reach out to us.