Buyer's Guide & Evaluation Checklist for AI-Powered IDP Software

There are 100+ criteria to consider when looking for the best IDP solution provider for your organization and workflows. 

We have you covered.



With the help of our Commercial P&C Insurance customers, we’ve created a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help guide you in your journey and save you time. 

Use our guide to confidently choose an AI-powered IDP provider that will help you write more premiums, manage risk better, be more efficient, and maintain data accuracy.

Get your 18-step Buyer's Guide + 100-point Evaluation Checklist 

The SortSpoke Advantage

We make extracting data from structured and even the toughest unstructured documents easy.

Boost productivity
Boost Productivity

Increase document processing speed by 4-10 times.

Improve data quality
Improve Data Quality

 Give your team the best way to consistently get the right data from your documents.

Reduce turnaround times
Reduce Turnaround Times

Equip your team to respond faster and do more for your customers.

What Our Customers Say

Don't just take our word for it, find out how we are delighting our customers and building long lasting partnerships.
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SortSpoke brought the right combination of people, processes and technology. They were easy to work with and our productivity increased considerably with the SortSpoke system.

Brian Wilkinson
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The addition of SortSpoke into the mix was key. With hundreds of clients, each with their variations and formats of documents for us to intake, using traditional OCR techniques to get at the data would have taken us years to do. With SortSpoke, we could speed up the development process and take on a broader range of formats that we could automate.

Mike Ackroyd
CIO, SCM Insurance Services