Extract data from the most complex, unstructured documents

SortSpoke's intelligent document processing platform  is built to help your underwriting team get through your most complicated submissions and extract data faster, without giving up on data quality.


Boost operational efficiency + reduce time spent on manual review


Improve underwriting capacity in only a few weeks


Process documents 5x faster


Retain, onboard, and make your employees happier

SortSpoke is Different

Perfect world solution = augmentation

[Not automation... Here's why]
Submissions that are highly varied, not standardized, and unstructured often present exceptions that require human expertise and judgment.

When you combine that with operations where every mistake costs money, data quality matters.

SortSpoke keeps your underwriters in control, with AI augmenting them in ways that are explainable, easy to use, and easy to implement.





Up and running in weeks, not months

SortSpoke combines the best of AI with human expertise to empower businesses to turn high volumes of complex submissions into actionable data faster, while maintaining data quality.

Your subject matter experts are in the driver's seat at all times. No IT expertise is required to learn, train and maintain SortSpoke. 

Sortspoke takes only a few hours or days to train, providing rapid time-to-value, and a lower total cost of ownership over the years.

Extract data from even the hardest documents

Sortspoke is the best platform for handling unstructured, complex submissions. We help underwriters process documents 5x faster. We support (MS Office files, images, tables, emails, PDF, handwritten and password-protected documents), and (in any language that uses the Latin alphabet.)





Built for business users

Built with business users in mind, SortSpoke is easy to learn, set up, use and maintain –even when documents, team members or anything else changes.

SortSpoke’s approach is to put your people first, with AI augmenting them in ways that are explainable, easy to use, and easy to implement. 

Augmenting your team rather than automating minimizes risk and ensures 100% data quality.

Explainable AI

AI models will not get everything right 100% of the time. Your team needs transparency in the tools they use to make judgment calls and the right decisions. Tools like LLM, ChatGPT, and some outsourced workbenches cannot offer the transparency required in insurance organizations.

Sortspoke offers auditability and ensure AI model compliance.



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