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Create or edit a User

How-to Guide
Need to help with creating or editing a User? 
Last updated: January 18, 2022

Step 1 - Login

Use your email address and password to login to SortSpoke.



Step 2 - Go to Admin page

Navigate to the Admin page, which can be found in the top right-hand menu. If you do not see the Admin page option, please contact us.



Step 3 - Go to Users page

Navigate to the Users page by clicking the Users option on the Admin page.



Step 4 - Add a New User

Click on Add New User to create a new user for the account.


API Token 4

Step 5 - Add User Details

Fill out the fields in the Add a New User. You can set the In training and Permissions settings at this time as well.



Step 6 - Assign User to Projects

Click on the Projects tab and choose which project(s) to assign the user to and click the Add button. Initially, you will see that a user has 'No assigned projects'.



Step 7 - Submit & Create User

After filling out the Add a New User form and assigning the user to Projects, click the Submit button. This will generate the account and send the welcome email to the users email address.



Other Actions - View User Profile
To make changes to any existing User click the Edit User button.


edit user

User Settings

You can make the following changes to a User:


User Information


First Name

Last Name

In training






API Tokens

Generate Tokens



Cannot be edited after user creation. Contact if you need help.

​Edit the User's First Name

​Edit the User's Last Name

Users in training will not affect predictions or train SortSpoke with their feedback.

Switch to set a user as Active (can access SortSpoke) or Inactive (cannot access SortSpoke)


User can access documents to Sort and Extract them

Default permissions plus User can access the Admin page and make changes to projects and users.

Access to the SortSpoke Reports function

​Learn more about working with creating and revoking API Tokens here.


​Once you have completed making changes click the Submit button to finish.

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