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Treaty Review Process Goes From​ 8 Hours Down to 35 Minutes

Reinsurance Treaties, Toronto, Canada and Orland Park, Illinois, USA

TAI and SortSpoke work together to integrate SortSpoke into their processes and systems. The results were immediate and dramatic.

Automation provides an 80% reduction in the effort to setup a claim

Insurance Claims and FNOL, Edmonton, Canada

SCM Insurance Services selected SortSpoke, Burnie Group, and UiPath to tame manual data entry.

RGA selects SortSpoke to drive continued innovation of their life underwriting processes

Life Insurance, St. Louis, USA

RGA Selects SortSpoke to Drive Continued Innovation of Their Underwriting Processes and Systems.


Canadian Provincial Ministry uses SortSpoke to create data insights

Provincial Ministry, Canada
Valuable regulatory data was inaccessible using existing data extraction software. Using SortSpoke, the Ministry found a more efficient way to retrieve data without resorting to costly and time-consuming manual processing.

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